Business and Professional Women/NY

Middletown Business and Professional Women's Club

Our History

History: The Middletown Business and Professional Women's Club of Middletown, New York was founded in the fall of 1949 by Ethel Gage. Ethel was a local woman, in fact a secretary, who had an interest in bringing women of the community together in the awareness of their responsibility to the well being of Middletown. There were 26 charter members.

BPW became the first women's club in Middletown, with a membership of approximately 50 women. Through this club fraternization and fellowship among women via educational, cultural and social activities, was encouraged. Meetings were held at the Mitchell Inn on James Street the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

The first community project was a door-to-door solicitation of funds. The monies raised were to be used for the purchase of property for the establishment of Orange County Community College. Three years later, in 1952, the first scholarship was given out. Since then, another 100 plus have been awarded. Through the volunteerism of the last 34 presidents, this club has thrived and now boasts membership of over 100.