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Sponsor with Ads


Sponsor with Ads

Ad Sponsors

To have an ad posted on the site, please print out this webform and fill it out.

Ad spaces are prorated through the following October. For example, to place an ad in May your ad will run through October of the same year, and there are 5 months that your payment needs to cover. If you want to renew your ad in October, you would prepay for 12 months. Ads are shown randomly; how often your ad will show will vary depending on the total number of ads and the ad spaces available.

Ad Sizes & Pricing

All ads end the following October.
Ad prices are prorated on a monthly price basis.


125px by 125px ad

$2 per month

$4 per month


250px high by
125px wide

$3 per month

$6 per month

Thus placing an ad in October, you would pay for 12 months: A square ad would be $24 for a member, $36 for a non-member.

If placing a tower ad in April (6 months to October), a member would pay $18, a non-member would pay $36.

Sign up to place an ad

To sign up for an ad on our website please download, print, fill out this form and send it in with a payment.


  1. The Middletown BPW executive committee must approve all non-member requests for new ads and landing page URLs before placement. If there is an objection for any reason, the ad will be rejected and your payment returned.
  2. Static ads only: JPEG, GIF or PNG format are acceptable. No animated ads or flash are allowed.
  3. If you change the landing page and it is found unacceptable for any reason, the BPW executive committee can remove your ad and you will not be eligible for a refund.
  4. If you need to change your landing page URL, the new URL will be checked and it may be rejected, otherwise it can take up to 30 days to change the URL your ad is pointing to.

If you need assistance with ad design, it is not offered by the BPW staff or commttees. You may contact your own graphic designer or Eclectic Tech LLC for assistance.